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General Questions

Eat Right Foods Ltd is a New Zealand, privately held, registered company ... home of the EATRIGHT registered trademark. It is the owner of this website, copyright 2001-2021, world rights reserved.

Yes, all our products are made in New Zealand. And most of the packaging has been "designed in NZ"

Mainly yes, and increasingly so. However, some spices do originate from the Pacific Islands and/or South America

Yes. Wherever and whenever possible. 

Please visit our About EATRIGHT® page for more information.

Functional Foods, Naturally Functional Foods

The EATRIGHT® Super-seeded Crackers are a "value added" (VA) functional food. The EATRIGHT (trademark) Kiwifruit Slices are an example of a naturally functional food.



Please visit our EATRIGHT No Added and our Gut Gluten pages for more information.

Gut Supportive, Gluten Sensitive Foods

It is referred to as the gateway to health.

Various EATRIGHT® Bespoke Products.

EATRIGHT® Organic Dried Green Kiwifruit.

Please visit our EATRIGHT (trademark) Gut Gluten page for more information.

100% Vegetarian, Plant Full, Amino Acid Diversity


Yes a purposeful mix of predominantly plant protein sources; herbaceous flour and seeds. Vitamin rich butter, from year-round grass fed cows, used in the cookie products.

Non GMO, Certified Organic Foods and Ingredients


Strict biosecurity measures at our borders and government regulation.

Yes, according to the OANZ report 20/21.


The ingredients are from real farms ... as we try to repair an apparent disconnect from real producers.

Please visit our EATRIGHT™ No Added and Links of Interest pages for more information.

Slow Dried, Freeze Dried Foods

EATRIGHT® Organic Dried Apples, Kiwifruit and Ginger Cookies.

Light weight.



Please visit our EATRIGHT™ Freeze Dried page for more information

Online Shopping

NO. There are no lock-in 'script-ions' (pre-, post- or sub-scriptions).

NO. The prices (which include sales tax (GST)) have remained stable for over a decade. And gift wrapping has become a FREE service as reusable and reused packaging is now accepted in mainstream markets. (See 52% of global consumers believe reusable packaging is the most sustainable model; Innova Market Insights). 

Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and/or gift vouchers.

Yes, all connections are SSL encrypted and we have a secure payment system.


NO! We keep it simple and just provide helpful instructions, service & delivery commitments and a “wonderful return policy that is easily found”.

YES. Full service or self service freight options available. Freight prices, if applicable, are in the default currency of $NZ and inclusive of sales tax (GST). 

Please ask if you have any other questions … a real person will be very responsive to your queries.
Please respect the EATRIGHT brand rights (dating back to late 2001) and trademark registrations (US, UK, NZ, AU) for various food (including medicinal, functional food) products.