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General Questions

Eat Right Foods Ltd is a New Zealand, privately held, registered company, home of the EATRIGHT registered trademark and owner of this website: copyright 2001-2021, world rights reserved.

Yes, the EATRIGHT® products are made in New Zealand.

Several of the EATRIGHT® food products are sources of ...

  • three, or more, essential vitamins
  • four, or more, essential minerals
  • nine essential amino acids, tryptophan in particular
  • contribute to an increased dietary intake of prebiotics
  • and a diverse range of additional functional food benefits 

 Some products use unique, made from New Zealand, processes. Buy now

  • All single origin ingredients (apples, kiwi, mushrooms) are grown outdoors in New Zealand (so benefit from 'more sun [more actinism, so more green kiwi fruit actinidin], less air pollution, fewer pests and diseases') some with unique cultivars and/or root stock
  • For multi ingredient products, 70% or more of the ingredients are grown in New Zealand
  • For product details, please refer to the online shop

Yes, whenever possible, the EATRIGHT ™ products and services are 'designed in NZ' to create a strong, symbolic impact 

Please visit our about EATRIGHT® page for more information on New Zealand's free-from GMO's, no added recombinant bovine growth hormone rBHT (also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin rBST, Posilac) and free from nuclear weapons status.

Functional Foods, Naturally Functional Foods

The EATRIGHT® Superseeded (version 3.0) Crackers (and EATRIGHT® Super-seed Snack) are functional foods (also referred to as a 'medicated snack(s)', superfoods, 'beyond basic nutrition', FOLFAP friendly product). They are natural sources of Fibre, natural sources of Vitamins B1 (niacin), vitamin B3 (thiamin) and vitamin E (tocopherol), good natural sources of Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, natural sources of Potassium, natural sources of Protein and natural sources of essential Amino Acids (phenylalanine and tryptophan, in particular).

The EATRIGHT (trademark) Organic Kiwi Fruit Slices (single ingredient, two varieties (green, gold) availability) are an example of a naturally ('reductionist') functional food, sometimes called nutraceutical food or foodiceuticals (varied consensus over definitions). 

Three root products are used as ingredients: ginger, chicory and carrot (with varying prebiotic efficacy dosages). We also incorporate leaves, seeds, fungi and invertebrate byproducts into various products.    

Yes. The pre-ssistance 'within food' nutrients work proactively with your digestive process.

Yes, the EATRIGHT® products are natural sources of various healthful vitamins and minerals, without the need for added fortification. As an example, the scrumptious EATRIGHT® Super-Seed (Salutary Snack) contributes to normal neurological, nervous system and immune functions, iron transport, metabolism, electrolyte balance, reduces tiredness and fatigue. Shop now

Please visit our EATRIGHT No Added and our Gut Gluten pages for more information.

Gut, Gluten and Gastro Health Foods

It is referred to as the gateway to health.

Various EATRIGHT® products, please visit our online shop for specific nutritional benefits

EATRIGHT® Organic Freeze Dried Green Kiwifruit.

Please visit our EATRIGHT (trademark) Gut Gluten page for more information.

100% Vegetarian, Plant Full, Amino Acid Diversity


Yes. The EATRIGHT ™ products are a purposeful mix of predominantly plant protein and fibre sources, herbaceous flour and seeds. Vitamin rich butter, from year-round grass fed cows, is used in the cookie products.

Non GMO, Certified Organic Foods and Ingredients

Yes. New Zealand has a GMO free (non GMO) food chain. Foods grown and produced for consumption are not bioengineered, not genetically engineered

Strict biosecurity measures at our borders and government regulation.

Yes, according to the OANZ report 20/21.


Most of the ingredients are direct from real farms, as we try to repair an apparent disconnect from real producers.

Please visit our EATRIGHT™ No Added Nasties and Links of Interest pages for more information, including updates on our not bioengineered, not genetically engineered stance

Slow Dried, Freeze Dried Foods

EATRIGHT® Organic Dried Apples, Kiwi fruit and Ginger Cookies.

The EATRIGHT® slowdried, freeze dried products are light weight and waterlessened. Most are very robust and never bruise.  


The EATRIGHT® products are available in port-able, pre-portioned (pre-rationed) or bulk pack sizes. The pre-portioned packs enable straight from the bag consumption. The packaging, itself, has dual purposes. In the short term, the packs are weather resistant (sun, sand, snow and water) and easily transportable. Yet the packs are also home or facility-able compost-able with "90%" completely breaking down within "84 days in an industrial compost facility" and leave behind no harmful residues.

Please visit our EATRIGHT™ Freeze Dried page for more information

Online Shopping

NO. There are no lock-in sub-scriptions. An easy peasy "seamless transaction" process.

NO. The prices (inclusive of sales tax (GST)) have remained the same (in NZ dollar terms) for over a decade (ie past price, within shop, comparative analysis). And great saving on gift wrapping ie it is now a FREE service as reusable and reused packaging are now accepted in mainstream markets. 

Yes, our online shop offers FRET FREE functionality. Every product page has the key nutrition information in ONE place. So NO separate [ingredient, nutrition, attribute, shelf life, pack types, sizes, prices, photo] pages or steps ('less flash, more function’) EATRIGHT® shopping.

And, if you don't want to use our shop (whatever your reason), you can simply email your order to us. Either way, NO account is needed, NO fees are added, a seamless transaction, with a secure payment system. Buy now or Email now

NO! We keep it simple. Just helpful instructions, service & delivery commitments and a “wonderful return policy that is easily found”.   

Multiple payment methods are available ie direct banking, Visa, Mastercard and/or (open-dated) gift vouchers. As a small business, we REALLY appreciate it when you pay by direct credit (ie directly crediting our (NZD, AUD, USD, GBP) (NZ $, AU $, US $, GB £) bank accounts since lower fees are incurred). 

The online shop default currency is in New Zealand dollars [$] and cents [¢] (sales tax inclusive). Global currencies are available with reasonable currency rate transaction history for NZD [$], AUD [$], USD [$], EUR [€], GBP [£] and CAD [$].

NB. The company does not hedge against currency rate fluctuations.


FREE shipping (a 'road service' on offer for over two decades) for all orders within the greater Nelson region. For all other areas, *FREE* delivery for ALL online orders over forty nine dollars (NO coupon code needed). If your order is <NZ$49 and outside the Nelson region, freight prices are in the default currency of NZ dollars (multiple currencies available) inclusive of sales tax (GST) with NO added fuel or rural delivery surcharge. Delivery options include a contactless full service, self service (eg hand carried export samples/gifts) or other inventive freight options (available upon request).

The EATRIGHT® products, have tended to be considered 'ugly' freight (an "industry term" when the item is "unable to be processed through the standard courier sorting systems" ie "awkwardly sized, heavy, valuable or fragile"). Hence, we make sure your purchases are sent with special "CARE" including packaging and handling to ensure they are to be delivered safe and sound.

Insurance is included in the freight and handling costs if we deliver or organize the delivery for you. This covers “PLB531 exports to the USA and Canada” and “PLB530 worldwide exports (excluding USA and Canada)”. If there are damages or errors in transit, freight credits are fully refundable to your credit card.

Please ask if you have any other questions … a real person will be very responsive to your queries.
Please respect the EATRIGHT brand rights (dating back to late 2001) and trademark registrations (US, UK, NZ, AU) for various food (including medicinal, functional food) products.