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"Earth considered" food provisions to nourish and encourage outdoor accessibility and connection for everybody, the active or passive adventurer, backpacker, camper, orienteerer-navigator, mountain biker, trail runner, sailor, snow or water skier, search and rescue volunteer, horse rider, aviator, caver, locations scout [^], school walking bus, fishing [^^], inline skater and so much more. After all, New Zealand is a special place of natural beauty with extensive bushbiotics so our EATRIGHT (trademark) foods are designed and made to sustain, not water weighted, ingredient rich, a valuable source of energy, all season suitable, with natural and non GMO ingredients. 

Depending on the product, various pre approved organic methods of drying (air, freeze, semi, dehydrate, sun, oven [1]), pressure (hand or machine, stamped, rolled or cold pressed) or a combination of novel, Kiwi ingenuity, nature simulated systems are used [*]. A variety of shapes (without limitation) are possible eg a round or 'misc' design (dried 'apple' rings or 'dices', 'kiwi fruit' slices, grapes (red, green etc), 'balls', cookies, cracker biscuits, patties, mini cakes, cereals), 'rectangles' or 'squares' (crackers, snackers, bars, bricks, 'small slab' (tablet)), ingot or oblong, triangles or 'polygon' (corners, cake slices), lozenge or 'diamond' (food drying mat patterns) [†].

With the EATRIGHT® Slow™Dried processing philosophy

  • The interlocked moisture allows the products to be nutrient dense, less processed and high in quality
  • Are suitable for vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, flexitarians, plant-based and vegetarian-curious vegi-tourists [**]
  • Where possible, the ingredients are local, seasonal, unsullied [***] and sustainably grown
  • There is no permitted glyphosate accelerator drying or 'desiccating' [****] used in the 100% organic products, with New Zealand leading the way on low or ‘ultra-low’ residue inputs (see eg Apple Futures program)
  • Uses several replenishable resources
  • Mineral, vitamin, probiotic &/- protease rich (not enriched). Hence, the use of extracts such as ‘leguminous protein’ or 'isolated from plants...volatile oils' are, most often, not needed

Interestingly, there is now greater recognition that “seasonality, preservation methods, organic food, different production systems (extensive-intensive), food classifications and holistic approaches” require further consideration in nutrition criteria and analysis of diets [*****]. 

And, although solid food structures are considered important in the overall digestive process, you will find the EATRIGHT® products are low moisture, soft to eat, with obstructive-lessening demulcents. Not twice baked, 'hard tack' or 'cinder blocks'. Try the EATRIGHT® organic dried apple rings, gold kiwi fruit slices and the EATRIGHT (trademark) Ginger (switchel) Cookies, a welcome relief in no subscription ration packs, emergency sustenance, ready-to-use survival packs or even as 'creative tourism' souvenirs. The organic green kiwifruit slices are available in air dried or bespoke freeze dried variants. Please indicate which processing type the order section. 

The holistic processing techniques used, enable the EATRIGHT® Superseeded (version 3.0) Crackers to be a good natural source of Magnesium, Thiamin, Niacin and a source of Phosphorous, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Omega 3 and Vitamin E. Consuming three crackers (a serving size 30g or 1oz) contributes to energy, iron transport, metabolism, and reduces tiredness and fatigue. A 4.5 Health Star Rated product. 

Try the "Dried Wild Mushroom Mix". They are a forest foraged fungi, hand harvested then dehydrated mix of bolete edible fungi (symbionts from the undergrowth of birch, larch, Pinus Radiata and Douglas-fir trees). Naturally rich in dietary fiber, umami (grown in New Zealand’s high UV levels, less pollution, less pests and diseases environment) are a good source of vitamin D2 [******] (provitamin D2 converted to previtamin D2), B vitamins (including B12 ), zinc, potassium, copper and selenium micro-nutrients. Research has found that mushrooms ('highest levels in bolete") are one of the best dietary sources of amino acid “L-ergothioneine” (ERGO) [*******] also referred to as the 'longevity vitamin', with consumption appearing to have a positive effect on cognitive/memory health. You can eat straight from the pack to enjoy their intense flavor, or rehydrate by soaking in warm water for about 15 minutes. A great product and/or natural taste enhancing ingredient. Buy now

Spray free, shell dried, hand cracked walnuts, sourced from one hundred and fifty year old South Island trees, have been used in certain bespoke products and in the EATRIGHT® energy-e-enzyme balls (experimental food research: lower energy content, 'deferred' walnut health claims [2] and natural ingredient sources of malic-acid). Sourcing direct from multiple owner operated farmers and ('orphaned crop') growers means shorter lead-times, lower stock (holding/banking/forecasting) requirements and greater flexibility on minimum order quantities. Upfront microfinance payment is offered to small suppliers in need (promissory note, procurement notice, product names (abbrev. “PN”)); part of the responsible fair treatment of fellow entrepreneurs program.

Other ingredients such as the 70% cocoa mass chocolate (made from non-New-Zealand-grown (cocoa powder, pressed-raw-sugar)) and the carbonzero™, Kosher [††] and Halal (unsalted butter made from pure, waterlessened, ‘heavy’ cream), have differing processing techniques to those mentioned above. However, the techniques used are scrutinized and approved to multiple standards by internationally recognized organic certifiers ("no dramatic alteration to the chemical structure of the natural product") and to specific religious requirements. 

In our “daring to be different”, ingots of ingenuity, business philosophy we aim to do a thousand things in innovative ways, adapting to change at kinematic-dynamic speeds and celebrate everything that increases awareness and resiliency. That includes inverted, be curious and creative thinking; since, the hardest thing in the world can be to simplify (or use clean thinking), with it easier to make things too complex or byzantine [^^^].

  • Products-ingredient: Phytochem ID's | Enzyme EC's | Polyphenol RF's | Bio-activities | EFSA ID's | NZFSA SD9 | PVR's | RDI's | GRIN Nomen | NZStory#s | All non GMO | Certified organics | Mild processed (ie no removal then recaptured fortifiers, isolates, added-back supplement vitamins-minerals) | Not mass produced | No nasties | 942100113....
  • Shop shelf-life amplified, EATRIGHT® distributed, forest foraged infrequent fungi, organic multi varietal kiwi fruit and apples. Water-lessened, always grown outdoors, in our ‘more sun, less pollution, less pests and diseases’ New Zealand conditions
  • Sense-full EATRIGHT® cookies, crackers and outshine bars. Non synthetic sources of essential preformed vitamin A and K2, vitamins B1 and B3, essential minerals (IRON, Mg, Zn & K) essential amino acid bioactives, rutin (with "numerous pharmacological properties" [********]) and more than 3g of prebiotics per serving. Low lactose, no sugar alcohols, 65% less total sugars, no raising agents. 
  • ‘More benefits in every bite’ pragmatic and syntactic products with special, great tasting, great service, 'finishing touches' 
  • EATRIGHT® Better Shipper Initiative: One Pack Only for One Kg “rather than a multi-waste box, bag”, container(s) with caps/lids. New stock 1kg (2.2Lbs) EATRIGHT® Organic Dried Apple rings.
  • FRET FREE agile e-shop. Every product page has key nutrition information in ONE place: NO separate ingredient, nutrition, attribute, shelf life, pack types, sizes, prices, photo pages or steps, NO account needed, NO fees added, a seamless (less flash, more function) process
  • And Kiwi dollar ecommerce price preservation over time. (Default currency is $NZ (sales tax inclusive); global currencies available)
  • Scrumptious EATRIGHT® Super-Seed (Salutary Cereal) and EATRIGHT® Superseeded Crackers: curative functional foods with partially sprouted seeds and bitter botanicals. Contribute to normal: psychological, neurological, cardiac and immune system functions, connective tissue structure, macro-nutrient metabolism, electrolyte balance, reduces fatigue [3] without added supplemental vitamins or minerals

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[*] Traditional Food-Processing and Preparation Practices to Enhance the Bioavailability of Micronutrients in Plant-Based Diets by Christine Hotz and Rosalind S. Gibson (pub. Apr’07) See also “industrial designs” repurposed: an automated ('butchery') chopper used for vegetarian items, alternative use of (aircraft cabin) storage units and other proprietary processes. So although ‘utility models’ (special forms of (finite life) patent right) are not formally recognized in New Zealand, and New Zeal:and is not indexed in the change from “ease of resolving insolvency” (the World Bank has temporarily suspended its Doing Business data collection) to “entrepreneurship policies and culture”, the entrepreneurship at Eat Right Foods includes non, or less, obvious utilization of ‘mechanical devices, apparatus, processes, chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, software’ and other non-exhaustive, re-ignition capabilities.

[**] “Concern...when a person’s diet is composed exclusively of uncooked plant foods”. Antinutrients in Plant-based Foods: A Review by Aneta Popova and Dasha Mihaylova (pub. Jul’19) Vegetarians also have a lower risk of developing gallstones and diverticular disease (diverticulitis) Reader’s Digest: A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating (pub. 1997) 

[***] Unsullied a. not spoiled or made impure by Oxford Dictionary online

[****] Why Is Glyphosate Sprayed on Crops Right Before Harvest? by EcoWatch (pub. Mar’16)

[*****] Indicators and Recommendations for Assessing Sustainable Healthy Diets by Maite M. Aldaya, Francisco C. Ibañez, Paula Domínguez-Lacueva, María Teresa Murillo-Arbizu, Mar Rubio-Varas, Beatriz Soret and María JoséBeriain (pub. May’21) See also “Sylvester Graham...rebelled against white bread, which he called, ‘even less than useless’. Graham Crackers were named after him”. Prescription for Dietary Wellness by Phyllis and James Balch (pub. 1992)

[******] Photobiology of vitamin D in mushrooms and its bioavailability in humans by Raphael-John H. Keegan, Zhiren Lu, Jaimee M. Bogusz, Jennifer E. Williams, and Michael F. Holick (pub. Jan’13)

[*******] Ergothioneine sources See also: Ergothioneine – a diet-derived antioxidant with therapeutic potential by Barry Halliwell, Irwin K. Cheah and Richard M. Y. Tang (pub. May’18)

[********] "Rutin [citrus-free bioflavonoid] first isolated from common rue (Ruta graveolens L or herb-of-grace) (Rue oil is used as a flavor component (e.g., coconut type)), has numerous pharmacological activities...antiplatelet aggregation… active in different models of acute and chronic inflammation". Leung’s Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics by Ikhlas A. Khan and Ehab A. Abourashed (3rd ed. Pub. 2010)

[1] "Thermodynamic" processes used but NEVER "a" defining factor. Oven temperature = "Slow" or "Moderately Slow"; Oven Time = typically "Short Time". NB. Lower temperatures and faster times than reference data on “oven roasted peanuts” (ie 177degC, 350degF, 35mins; Comparison of Methods for Determining Retentions of Nutrients in Cooked Foods by Murphy EW, Criner PE, and Gray BC (pub. ‘75)) USDA Table of Nutrient Retention Factors (release 6)

[2] Walnuts are a good natural source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate) (0.6mg/100g)(38%DI), so 'contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity'. Yet there appears to be a ‘deferred’ decision on “contributes to the improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels”

[3] Selected FSANZ general level health claims

[^] Film, TV programs, commercials and/or news of interest: locations scout. The Nelson-Tasman region is surrounded by three National Parks, three Marine Reserves, includes two of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’ and, less well known, are five public permit gold sluice box (sliding gate) areas

[^^] No "roulette" fishing (roulette. noun. game with wheel; verb. used to mark a line of "dots"). EATRIGHT® products are water-lessend (eg drained off anti-nutrients) not salt-water added tin canned, keeping the total pack weight extra heavy. See 'tuna, canned in spring water, plain, salt added, undrained' (K1010) water 133g/170g (78.1%) (weight of tin packaging excluded) c/- 'tuna, albacore, flesh, raw' (K51) water 115g/170g (67.5%) (nb. light weight bag excluded). See also red ‘color added’ dead USPTO reg. 4195299 1st Jun ’21 specimen; and listeria ‘tainted’ salmon ( “All too often, defendants successfully fight the production of data, and then win on the grounds that the lack of data prevents the needed econometric proof” Tim Wu, Julius Silver Professor of Law, Science and Technology (pub. 19 Apr ’23)

[^^^] R&D&I really ‘matters’ yet, external expertise involvement in ‘product development’ and testing, is expensed in the ‘guts’ of our P&L accounts (depressing earnings). NB. it is not 'topically' applied cosmetic (hair, skin (ID 2878), body (L. corpus)) or ("harmful if swallowed", "eye irritant") deter[a]gents (#85225425 "stain remover" with 'reel/frame' c/- #85477449 "wipes" without) engineered to conceal, wipe or bleach (Latin tergo wipe) during (patent) 'cliff' or fosse/fortified diluted (actual use: green™ m... c/- registration: g...mission™) periods (also referred to as (‘shortcut’) balance sheet acquisitions (for 'Share's with extraordinary exposure for, excluded, unresolved and unserved 'stakeholders'')). Importantly, the 'Eat Right Foods, Ltd' (‘ERF’) range of EATRIGHT® Foodarmacy™ "superior products" are non’ubiquitous’ with resilient-durable-adaptogenic-qualities.

Soundbite, blinker or blinder removal, concept courtesy of Everedge Global, Prof. Baruch Lev & Feng Gu with personalization. NB. Since 2001, over 70% of R&D&I has been undertaken in-house. Recently, and currently, 100% of R&D&I is undertaken 'inside (our) firm' with significant material efforts not 'bean' counted [bean counter n. (informal) a person, typically an accountant. 'banco' n. "bench or counter" (Wiktionary)]. ca'rat, n. fineness of gold [Seed size variability: from carob bean [†††] to carats by Turnball et al (pub. 2006)].

[†] 'Diamonds (<>) in the dust bin' include (part=gum, plant=Copaifera spp (Fabaceae), chemID: -carbonic-acid). 'Phenol coefficient' no longer in use due to inaccuracies of temperature ["microbiological, allergens, toxins, brix, acid, moisture] PH% etc" effects. See also New Zealand “Atlas” and EATRIGHT® products 'distributed....(Compass-Group)...hospitals'.

[††] Eat Right Foods Ltd has attempted kosher certification. BUT "Corporate Ethnic Category Manager, Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods for Albertson’s national chain of supermarkets, positions himself between the current kosher boom’s suppliers and its retailers" OU Boom article by Rabbi Eliyahu Safran and Bayla Sheva Brenner (pub. Jan ’06, received Oct '06). And concerning "U" USPTO reg. 3882895 (circular) v. 4532489 boxed-(can-container). Hence, communication Aug'15 "not something we can pursue at the moment". 

[†††] EATRIGHT® Carob Can-did Cookie, EATRIGHT® Christmas Carob Cookie and EATRIGHT® 'samples of a new cookie we are working on (a sticky date cookie)' (21st Jun '08 online shop correspondence for consumer purchasing "in the store in Vienna, VA" (not Naples, FL)). EATRIGHT® Sticky Date Cookie ingredients include carob powder/flour with (+)-catechin: 50.75mg/100g ('[COX-2 Inhibitor ([+]-catechin) might be viewed by enthusiasts as another herbal miracle aspirin’ (Newmark & Schulick '00), '(+)-catechin: hemostatic' Conservation of Medicinal Plants (unpublished draft manuscript rev. 23, Farnsworth & 1988) and COX-2 Inhibitor: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)). No added sugar (NAS) carob buttons no longer scratch-made in New Zealand. 

LEGEND: [*] or asterisk, is used to reference additional material (eg scientific or erudite research); [#] or number, is used to reference nutrition on-label or in-shop information; [^] or caret, is used to insert additional meaning, description; [†] or obelisk, possibly unknown "unique to New Zealand"