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About EatRight

A former Regional President of the biggest nationwide US "premium natural and organic supermarket" chain, strongly recommends EATRIGHT® . " Your products fill an important part of a retailer’s product strategy ... handmade, natural and small batch production, use of certified organic ingredients whenever possible, GMO free, great tasting! ... matched perfectly to consumers that are deeply committed to health and diet. Your company also provides great service and quality".

Eat Right Foods Ltd is proud to call New Zealand home, a privately held registered company (NZBN=GLN) with no parent or subsidiaries. New Zealand has been voted 1st out of 190 economies in the world for ease of doing business (IFC World Bank; Doing Business Report). New Zealand is also known as “one of the most transparent and corruption free countries in the world” (Transparency International (2020)).

New Zealand’s food standards are “world class” and there is a “commitment to enable innovation and adaptation, and at the same time assures consumers, that New Zealand products and processes remain safe and high quality”. (MPI Strategy for New Zealand Food Safety 2019-2024).

New Zealand has an “excellent growing environment, broad public sympathy for organics, a good market image, and, so far, no GMOs” (Dr Hugh Campbell - Director of the Centre for the Study of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Otago University). Yes, New  Zealand is currently a GE free food producer with no commercial GMO crops … “one of the few countries in the world that still has a GMO free food chain”.

A long time ago, New Zealand said no to nuclear power-weapons which has arguably enabled solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power to flourish … and helped NZ to achieve a 1st out of 191 country ranking for “climate change readiness” University of Notre Dame, ND-GAIN index 2017. New Zealand’s story (or in Kiwi language a ‘yarn’) is important since "food is a universal language". 

In 1900 New Zealand had the highest number of patent applications per capita in the world. In 2006 New Zealand was ranked fourth in the world for patents filed in proportion to gross domestic product (GDP), and fifth on the basis of population. This tradition of Kiwi ingenuity is often known as the ‘no. 8 wire’ attitude” … a culture of inventiveness (the Encyclopaedia of New Zealand).

New Zealand's coronavirus response has multiplied existing advantages - lifestyle, Pacific Rim location, trade deals and innovative businesses” NZTE General Manager of Investment. “New Zealand’s reputational trajectory as a safe haven, offering sustainable, quality food increasingly being known as a country of firsts global reputation for doing the right thing is being noticed" NZTE CEO.

Eat Right Foods Ltd has always been a majority “operated by women” corporation and has maintained, at all times, a 50% woman ownership structure … adding some, albeit small, balance and diversity to the supply chain. Over the years, Eat Right and its foodologists have received recognition and/or endorsements from the NBR, TVNZ, Pride&Print, industry connections as well as New Zealand and overseas dignitaries.

The EATRIGHT brand is synonymous with health, wellness and is the only known brand registered or has current applications for the words EATRIGHT or EAT RIGHT stand-alone for food or supplement products. It is registered in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and has “incontestability” status with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The mark was also registered with the Europe Union (EUIPO) between 2009 and 2018.

Eat Right Foods Ltd owns domain names (registered prior to June 2011) such as,, and others. The company will announce any new products and/or technology when it is ready to use, rather than when it is in development.

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Nuclear Weapons Free Zone - NZ

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