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About EatRight

The "corporate" taxonomy [*] for Eat Right Foods Limited (trading name: Eat Right Foods) is that of a private ownership 'look through', GST (sales tax) and ACC (accident compensation) [^] registered business (identification number (NZBN) 9429000026048) [**], with no parent or active subsidiaries and one (local, securities register) debtor [^^].

We are a company aiming to provide original e-nnovation, e-nspiration and e-ntegrity through e-ntrepreneurial e-mpact and e-quality. With selected, differentiated, e-searched and developed EATRIGHT® food products counteracting essential nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption and (bio)availability through our online shopping e-xperience. Over the years, we have gratefully received recognition [†] from the New Zealand National Business Review [NBR], ASB Business TVNZ News (Export Year'07) [^^^], Pride in Print Awards (Highly Commended (2008) [1]), industry connections [***] as well as New Zealand and overseas dignitaries.

Eat Right is proud to call New Zealand home due to the country's strong food (and bioactives) identity (feeding more than 40 million global consumers each year) and, breath of fresh air, “world class” regulatory quality food standards. With numerous New Zealand bred, developed or native crops, there is a “commitment to enable innovation and adaptation, and at the same time assures consumers, that New Zealand products and processes remain safe and high quality” (MPI Strategy for New Zealand Food Safety 2019-2024). In addition, New Zealand is considered “one of the most transparent and corruption free countries in the world” [****].

New Zealand has an “excellent growing environment [‘more sun, less pollution, less pests and diseases’], broad public sympathy for organics, a good market image, and, so far, no GMOs” [*****] with no organic (advertising format) 'checkoffs'. Yes, New Zeal-and is a GE free [input tested] temperate climate food producer with no commercial GMO crops, young, nutrient-rich soil [^^^^] [2] and “one of the few countries in the world that still has a GMO free food chain”. In addition, hormonal growth promotants (HGPs) ‘have not been used in New Zealand since 2016’ with all dairy products enjoying a rBST, rBHT free status.

A long time ago, New Zealand said no to nuclear power and, more recently, an end to fossil fuel subsidies. This mission orientated policy has helped solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power to flourish; accelerated ‘frontier, national scale CO? uptake and emission, data’ (NIWA) “climate change readiness status” [******] and as "humanitarian" aid provider. However, it is the interconnectedness of the story that is important since "food is a universal language". 

In 1900 New Zealand had the highest number of patent applications per capita in the world" [*******]. As legendary Lord Rutherford said “we had no money so we had to think” [††]. This need to think, to embrace alternative paradigms, with "habitual" innovation is a "treasure of our culture" of minimalist, seeing things from the bottom up, resourceful, inventive solution providers. In a nation with numerous firsts, the disposable medical syringe was initially dismissed as “too futuristic”. Yet, technology, talent and tolerance, enables New Zealand to rank “3rd out of 139 nations for global creativity” [********].

Eat Right Foods Ltd has always been a majority “operated by women” corporation (requiring "superhuman levels" of optimism and grit) with a different spectrum of diversified knowledge [†††]. Although the company is grateful for the (non binding) help of various “quasi advisory board members” [^^^^^], a 50% woman 'principal' non-institutional ownership structure has been maintained with no ‘gifting’ of shares to family, friends or trusts and diminishing multifarious, active contracts (agreements).

The EATRIGHT brand is synonymous with nutritious wellness and has "priority of rights" for EATRIGHT and EAT RIGHT (stand alone) on food, food preparations, food adapted for medical purposes products. It is registered on the searchable (principal) register of the United States, Australia, New Zealand (with “bibliographical data”) and the United Kingdom; it was registered with the Europe Union (EUIPO) between 2009 and 2018. The EATRIGHT® brand has “incontestability” status with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), no 'requests to divide' (ie no child registrations), no trademark thicketing, no patent-pattern-puzzle-pills and no NTEE-CC's.

The company has multiple sub marks, with and without application or registration, an "off balance sheet" securitization since prior rights are reserved. For instance, the applications for a (standalone) 'color mark' were abandoned (eg IPONZ#786656). Yet, our color specification sheet [^^^^^^] has visibility; greene (Pantone 377 CV, CMYK 45c 0m 100y 24k, Hex (web) #6A9913, RGB 106r 153g 19b, approximate wavelength of 563.13 nm, frequency ~532368117MHz)) and 'that' yellow (Pantone 123 CV, CMYK 0c 24m 94y 0k, Hex (web) #FFC211, RGB 255r 194g 17b, approx. wavelength 577.44 nm (freq ~519THz)). Printed on eg 100% recycled “fiber packaging” using mineral oil free, vegetable oil inks. 

Eat Right Foods Ltd owns domain names (registered prior to June 2011) such as,, and others. Eat Right Franchise Systems Ltd (non-activated, systems and specifications ready) and Eat Right Global Ltd (version 10, upgrades needed) were registered between Jun’05 and Mar’08. The company remains nimble yet engages phenomenon learning (PhBL or PhenoBL) teams for specific projects. New products, developments and/or technology will be announced if, and when, they are ready to use.

[1] “2008 Winners List” Category: “Packaging - Folding Cartons - 4 or More Colours”; Entered by: “Pakworld”; Title of Entry: “Eatright Cookie Carton”; Medal Won “H/C”. An example of a New Zealand “ID” (industrial design) product. See page 2 One less print color [HEI, Nov’21] (primary colors: red, flavus, blue). 

[2] EATRIGHT® Mineral Rich (nut&seed) Bar “rich in copper” %DV=25%; “nuts (20%) [ChemID: GOLD. Ubiquitous: YES. Prunus dulcis (Rosaceae) (almond; seed) --low ppm; 0.001 high ppm; StdDev -0.5; Ref: Duke, James A. 1992 “&” Corylus avellana (Betulaceae) (European or Common hazel; seed) 0.003 high ppm; StdDev 2.3; Ref: Furr, A.K., et al. 1979; gold activity n/a for Corylus americana (Betulaceae)]. See also ”Trace Minerals Claims of…Molybdenum” Corylus avellana 0.2-0.6ppm high Furr, A.K et al. pub. '79

[*] Eat Right Foods does "pass the small-(business) test". New Zealand does "pass the small-(country) test". And, as a company, we do not agree to profit shifting (ie debt shifting, registering copyrights or trademarks in tax havens, or “strategic transfer pricing”).

[**] Address for service(s) or "service address" ( for Eat Right Foods Ltd is Level 1, 6 Church St, Nelson, New Zealand

[***] “US organic giant impressed by NZ food and beverages” (dkt 111-10) Eat Right Foods…BEE. Where “BEE” or B_E_E™ (Beauty Engineered Forever) was “New Zealand’s most environmental cleaning products” company ie not F&B ( See also negotiating a possible deal to sell to United States megachains Walmart and Target…Walmart is more powerful than the UN” (pub. Feb'13) Brigid Hardy, Founder and Managing Director.

Food & Beverage Information Project 2011, Depth Sector Stream – Nutraceuticals & Foods For Health (prepared by Coriolis Research Oct’11 (not ‘Colissis’)) p117 and OTC (over-the-counter) ingredient database from the Association of European Self-Care Industry (AESGP), based on a selection of ten Anatomical Therapeutical Chemical (ATC) groups (1st level), with New Zealand having a “higher number”, 172 active substances

[****] New Zealand is one country (one state, one capital), “the next best thing to local” and has an excellent "Corruptions Perception Index" score (pub. 2021) 

[*****] "Exporting Aotearoa – New Zealand" by Andy Elliot, Nuffield Scholar (pub. Mar 2019) see also green lip, greenshell mussels. "Economic Risks and Opportunities from the Release of Genetically Modified Organisms in New Zealand" (pub. Apr’03)

[******] University of Notre Dame, ND-GAIN Index (pub. 2017) also “New Zealand: world leader in geothermal”

[*******] The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand

[********] The Global Creativity Index (pub. 2015) Notable progress in 6.2 “Knowledge impact” and 6.3 “Knowledge diffusion”, changes to 1.3 "Business Environment" so comparisons n/a (Global Innovation Index 2022, WIPO). “New Zealand, in general, has distinguished itself since 2001 as one of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries” (most recent data pub. 2005).

“GEM New Zealand reports...big business and the chambers of commerce are largely disinterested in entrepreneur-ship and prefer to focus on small business policy and innovation funding" And a gem within the strata interview by Suzanne Histen in Apr’04, included in the NZ section: Growth-oriented Women Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses: A Global Research Perspective by Prof. Candida G. Brush et al (pub. 2006)

[^] As an owner operator company, with no current employees, Eat Right Foods Ltd is not eligible for the self-auditing (self-inspection) AEP (Accredited Employers Programme)

[^^] No securities register requirement Aug'01 to Feb'13. The company holds no commercial bonds. 

[^^^] TVNZ News: TV = television (or gogglebox (slang)), NZ = New Zealand (or Kiwi (colloquial) kiwi (ke’we), n. The apteryx. [Maori]. Addenda), News = n. pl. (usu. with sing. vb &c.). Oxford Dictionary (4th ed. corrections 1952). See also: Kiwi Speak (Shot, Bro – Sweet As!) by Justin Brown (pub. 2018) 

[^^^^] The Nelson [NZ] terratorium has an Ophiolite Belt (or Mineral Belt) with historic chromite (Chr), copper (Cu) mines, a location for REE (rare earth elements) La + Ce + Y and GOLD (Au)

[^^^^^] "By the Board" (phrase): cast aside, lost in the events ("board (wooden) side of ship"), "Stalking Horse", "hiJACK" and others. Multiple online dictionaries and The Origins of The Phrases We Use Everyday by Albert JACK pen-name for Graham Willmott (pub. '07, non fiction). NB. "the Board" references: (public) company board, TTAB, ‘back (pre-printed with L omitto) boards’, chalkboards and other sight-tables. 

[^^^^^^] Eat Right Franchise Systems Ltd, Branding Standards Manual, Vol. 2, p9 (pub. Jun’05). Ongoing investments in multiple intangible asset classes.

[†] 'Unsolicited', Notice of Motion, lodged in the New Zealand Parliament “this House, congratulate Nelson small business Eat Right foods… with exports to Singapore, Australia and the US making up about 35 percent of sales” (pub. Sep’06) and many other words of encouragement from less visible parties. 

“Commerce Nelson” (2002); “Nelson…Chamber of Commerce” entity (post 2003). Eat Right Foods Ltd…Emerging Business Award…finalist ("ostentation can be a credible boast of quality…in imperfect markets" Study Notes by Zhipeng Yan (Ph.D, FRM) pub. Dec '07). Awards entry included confidential ‘new’ EAT RIGHT™ to EATRIGHT brand strategy, ‘TechNet grant’ product innovations etc. See archive(dot)org “$87”, Callaghan Institute, Jun’13.

Certain EATRIGHT® products, of the company eg “the first…in Australasia to achieve the (National) Heart Foundation (of NZ) tick of approval for products in the sweet biscuit category”.

[††] New Zealand’s Global Business Community (pub. Dec’06) see also “A birthplace of world-changing people and ideas” NZTE Bright Magazine (September/October 2007) p36 Building Business: Gourmet Growth “Eat Right Foods…larger tubs, resulting in a six-fold sales increase. In New Zealand, where even the now ubiquitous olive oil and p35 Innovation Nation: Stop Killing IDEAS! by Ed Bernacki referencing “dual (toilet) flush thinking...saves over 60 percent wasted water”

[†††] Early assistance provided by the CMA (Canterbury Manufacturers Association) (library archive of CMA with kiwi symbol…designer Mr C. F. Leffelaar” Mar’66). “All too frequently the female entrepreneurs … underestimated in such a pathological way …nearly all entrepreneurs need grit and a level of optimism that can seem delusional … female entrepreneurs [ahntrepreners] especially require superhuman levels of these traits” Think Bigger by Michael Sonnenfeldt Entrepreneurship requiring multiple nimble and inventive 'reorganization procedures' ie 'removing obstacles to entrepreneurship', GII 2022 after many years in mainstream.   

Notes: [*] or asterisk, is used to reference additional material (eg scientific or erudite research); [^] or caret, is used to insert additional meaning or context; [†] or obelisk, is used to reference archived or not easy to find material, [#] or number, is used to reference on-label or in-shop information

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