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Gut : Gluten Sensitive

Gut health and wellness, food gastrology and individual responses (‘genetic, proteomic, metabolomic, functional and behavioural factors’) to food needs to include "at greater potential susceptibility” suffers of celiacs disease, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), due to the link between a healthy microbiome to nearly every facet of health. You are what you absorb, unlocking of key binders, bioactive nutrition and, reducing chemical damage on microbial populations, is an area that Eat Right continues to invest results driven, explorative, yet meaningful research, development and innovation (R&D&I) [*]. 

For instance, the DELTA [**] model ('plant based and animal optimized'), shows the nutrient needs of the ‘global food system’ to have hidden hunger (MN) micro-nutrient [avitaminosis] deficiencies for Calcium and Vitamin E; low levels of availability for Iron [†], Potassium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B2 and B12; dietary fibre also ranked relatively low [1]. In addition, to nineteen “disease-specific risks of depletion or deficiency in trace elements and vitamins” [***], is “under-recognized” gastrointestinal thiamine deficiency and Coeliacs Disease [****].  

So, although debates have raged over (highly processed) trans fat, free sugar (in particular), antacids (carbonates, sodium-ammonium) [*****] and a rush towards alternative protein creations [******], gene (only) diets, food as software, cellular agriculture etc, our survivalism focus is on areas of prephylactic insufficiencies, malabsorption issues and (bio)accessibility improvements. “Having Eat Right products available, is one way to do that” (referring to the “must have" and "need” for stores “to start carrying healthier products”) ie products fulfilling actual nutrient needs, within a chew-able (mastication) food structure, yet soft (FricatiVe) [*******] to eat ... all important, yet often, neglected digestive factors. 

Hence, you will discover, the EATRIGHT® Super-seed Cereal is a well researched ‘natural source of’ Vitamins A, B1, B3 and E, 'natural source of' IRON, Potassium, Zinc and dietary fibre such that it contributes to normal psychological, neurological, nervous and immune functions, iron transport, metabolism, electrolyte balance, reduces tiredness and fatigue. Likewise, the EATRIGHT® Chocholics and Ginger (switchel) Cookies have been designed and developed to be claimable ‘sources of’ Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and therapeutic rutin with “gut supportive” microbiota accessible prebiotics (non GMO (no added lectins), less processed (reduced D-amino acids, lysinoalanine)) and excellent sources of dietary fibre.

Importantly, it has been found that “organically managed apples harbor a significantly more diverse, more even and distinct microbiota. Organic apples conceivably feature favorable health effects for the consumer” [********]. Hence, the use of organics (process and ingredients) is important. The EATRIGHT® organic gold dried kiwi fruit slices (inclusive of seeds and oil) are a naturally functional 'new age' food: a "source of fibre" and have "unique, wholefood prebiotic action that supports gut microbiome balance for optimal digestive health" (New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited). Buy now

In addition to being one of the highest fruit sources of vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and unique fruit-source vitamin B12 or cobalamin (10%RDI pre-dried (82% water) contributes to normal: homocysteine metabolism, psychological and immune system functions), green kiwi fruit "enzyme actinidin enhances the hydrolysis of gluten proteins" [*********] 'mimics the enzyme pepsin in humans'. Or, in other words, EATRIGHT® organic green Kiwi Fruit slices are a natural source of 'ENZYMES' (ie enzymes within the product, not added to the ingredient list) to reduce the health and medical costs associated with accidental or intentional consumption of small amounts of gluten; please select freeze 'dry method' when making your purchase.  

A long time ago, research"proposed the possible role of the pathogenic yeast Candida albicans in the onset of Coeliacs disease" (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Nutrition and Food. Nieuwenhuizen WF, Pieters RM, Knipples LM, Jansen MC, Koppelman SJ; June 21, 2003) [**********]. Hence, all EATRIGHT (trademark) products have no added commercial, single strain, GE/GMO yeast, are solid food structures and provide a range of robust, don't degrade easily, prebiotics.

In particular, the EATRIGHT® Superseeded (version 3.0) Crackers have proprietary ingredient sourcing, pre-treatments and processing to help maintain normal candida levels, suitable for a low yeast diet, FOLFAP [2] friendly (so NO fermentable oligosaccharides, lactose, fructose and no polyols (sugar alcohols)), a balanced source of essential amino acids, plant sterols and other trace elements (carrot source: 'Power of Lycopene, a potent antioxidant...better absorbed when fats are present') shop benefits

To better reflect our pragmatic “more benefits in every bite” EATRIGHT (trademark) functional, nutrition spectrum (rather than what they are ‘free from’) we endeavor to be in a constant state of label, packaging, product, technology, testing and distribution transformation. This can be challenging due to numerous, differing regulatory requirements, product types, claim levels, rounding, database differences, version updates, testing precision [^], adequate intake (AI) substantiations and resource constraints.

For instance, our updated nutrition information is serving size dependent [typically in grams but can be 'household' serving size (tablespoons, cup etc)] and includes benefits such as "Excellent Natural Source of Fibre", "Natural Source of Vitamins A, B1, B3 and E", "Good Natural Source of Iron and Zinc", "Natural Source of Protein", "Natural Source of Essential Amino Acids", “no added”, low lactose, "65% less", "non GMO”, “made with organic ingredients*”, “less processed”, “vegetarian &/or vegan” depending on the product. Other "secret sauce", difficult to imitate developments, are beginning to be rolled-out although some are still under-wraps.   

  • ‘More benefits’ sense-full EATRIGHT® cookies, crackers and outshine bars. Food matrix NOT over-processed removal then recapture fortifiers or isolates claimable sources of essential: vitamins (retinol, thiamin(e) and niacin), minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and others), bio-active digestible amino acids (especially tryptophan) [3] and beneficial dietary prebiotics to assist with good gut action et al.
  • Non GMO, not bioengineered (always), Certified Organic Ingredients (whenever possible). Research for biological diversity and food security 
  • Food gradient: Phytochem IDs : Enzyme ECs :  Polyphenol RFs : Bio-activities : EFSA IDs : NZFSA SD9 : PVRs : RDIs : GRIN Nomen : NZStory#s : All non GMO : Certified organics : Not over processed : Not mass produced : No nasties : 942100113....
  • Robust, water lessened, ready-to-consume uncommon mushroom mix, organic soft dried gold/green kiwi fruit and apple varietals. Always grown outdoors, in New Zealand, with ‘more sun, less pollution, less pests and diseases’. New season stock available
  • Rethinking ways to preserve essential micro nutrients and minimize food waste eg the EATRIGHT® Better Shipper Initiative: ONE Pack Only for ONE Kg “rather than a multi-waste box, bag”, no container(s) with caps/lids and ZILCH packer tape added. 1kg (2.2Lbs) EATRIGHT®, new season, Organic Dried Apple rings
  • FRET FREE functional shopping. Every product page has key nutrition information in ONE place: no separate (ingredient, nutrition, attribute, shelf life, pack types, sizes, prices, photo) pages or steps, no account needed, no fees added, an easy peasy ‘seamless transaction’ online process
  • And no kiwi dollar online shop price increases. Water-lowered not water-inflated pricing. (Default currency is $NZ (sales tax inclusive); worldwide currencies available)
  • Scrumptious EATRIGHT® Super-Seed (Salutary Cereal): an incremental yet curative functional food with partially sprouted seeds and bitter botanicals. A new, standalone, category product due to its super-amped-up ‘more benefits in every bite’ functionalities

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[*] ‘More than 40% of persons worldwide have FGIDs (functional gastrointestinal disorders, now called disorders of gut-brain interaction), which affect quality of life and healthcare use’. Worldwide Prevalence and Burden of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders by Ami D. Sperber et al (pub. Apr’20) See also “Stranger Things” in the Gut: uncommon items in gastrointestinal specimens by Grillo, F., Campora, M., Carlin, L. et al. (pub. Oct’21) seeds can be found in all gastrointestinal samples, as they often remain undigested due to the particular resistance of the seed’s external cuticle to digestion”.  

[**] "Use of the DELTA Model to Understand the Food System and Global Nutrition" by Nick W Smith, Andrew J Fletcher, Lakshmi A Dave, Jeremy P Hill, Warren C McNabb (pub. Jun’21)

[***] Table 6A. Disease-specific risks of depletion or deficiency in trace elements and vitamins. List…non-exhaustive. Published in Clinical Nutrition Journal and others (pub. Jun’22)"A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions: how to improve your health and avoid problems when using common medications and natural supplements together by Austin S.P. et al" (first ed. pub Oct 1999 "LCCN 99039218; LC Subjects: Drug-nutrient interactions"; second ed. pub 2006 edited by Alan R. Gaby et al) references include "Reduction of vitamin K2 concentrations in human liver associated with the use of broad spectrum antimicrobials" by Conly J, Stein K (pub. Dec 1994) and others

[****] "Hiding in Plain Sight: Modern Thiamine Deficiency" by Chandler Marrs and Derrick Lonsdale (pub. Sep’21) (related terms: thiamin, vitamin B1, under-recognized gastrointestinal beriberi)high rate of fortified food consumption…thiamine is not consistently assessed in healthcare practice or in the nutritional surveys...frank deficiency...observed in 10–>90% of subjects tested.” (relevance to id 4.4 and NTEE category "F. Mental Health")

be’riberi, n. Disease like dropsy. drop’sy, n. Disease...unhealthy swollen state”. Oedema, edema (dropsy, dropsical). Indications (Apple) – dropsy (f; FEL: Felter and Lloyd (1898)); (Carrot) - Dropsy (f; CRC; WBB) Elephantiasis (f; JFM) [neglected tropical disease (NTD) lymphatic filariasis, ‘caused by three species of microscopic, thread-like worms’ (CDC)]; (Ginger) - Dropsy (f; DAA; DAD), Edema (1; MAB); Elephantiasis (f; KAB); (Grape) – Dropsy (f; DAD; PH2), Edema (1; FNF; PH2); (Pumpkin Seed) - Dropsy (f; DEM), Edema (f; DEM). Activities (Apple) - Antiinflammatory (1; JNU), Diuretic (f; CRC; EFS);  Activities (Carrot) – Vasomotor Stimulant (f; DAA). Dropsy (Number of letters: 6. Palindrome: No. Number of anagrams: 2. General TLDs: 4 (.net))

See also "Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies Are Highly Prevalent in Newly Diagnosed Celiac Disease Patients" by Nicolette J. Wierdsma, Marian A. E. van Bokhorst-de van der Schueren, Marijke BerkenpasChris J. J. Mulder 2 and Ad A. van Bodegraven (pub. Sep'13)

[*****] Refer Table 2: eg Antacids and (micro)nutrient depleted in “Drug-micronutrient interactions: Food for thought and thought for action” by Karadima, Vasiliki & Kraniotou, Christina & Bellos, George & Tsangaris, George (pub. May’16)

[******] "Health benefits and risks of plant proteins" by M Krajcovicova-KudlackovaK Babinska, M Valachovicova (pub 2005, cited by 101) 

[*******] More than "eyes and ears" (Investigation of Competition in Digital Markets: Majority Staff of H. Subcomm. on Antitrust, Com. and Admin. 117th US Cong p.222 (pub. Jul’22)) “SENSES MATTER—”. Other essential faculties involved in preventative medicine include phenolic (hyposmia (reduced smell; multiple causes, including 'allergies'), anosmia (loss of smell)) and olfactory senses (hypogeusia (reduced taste; multiple causes), ageusia (loss of taste)). For instance, “hard-to-find specialty…peppers (Piperaceae)…from around the globe” provide important ”stimulating activities on the taste buds and olfactory system, producing a reflex increase in gastric secretion especially in elderly patients” J. Am. Geriatr. Soc. 54, 1401 by T. Ebihara et al.,(pub. ‘06). NB. a singled-out data entry for ethnobotany use: "smell" (background 'silver palm' exh. 26-9 pub. 04/07/14) USDA Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database for (coccothrinax argentea) (no entry for c. argent-ata or New Zealand 'silver fern' (cyathea dealbata)).

Of note: in-physical-store taste testing 'demos' have decreased over time (more: contracts, insurance excesses, extractive data requirements, retailer imposed middlers) desensitizing direct supplier-consumer interactions needed for product improvements and NPD (new product development). And, although there was a switch to in-physical-store "events" ('Gluten Free Fair' etc) requiring "event stocks", this was not itemized in the comma separation "demonstration stock..." list.

But, something really 'hard to swallow' ('eye irritant') is “...Martinez (SW SDD)” (ie SOUTHWEST Facility...)...a singular inclusion among multiple vendor email exposures: “Vendor Partners -WFM Regional Retail Purchasing Trasition communication” requesting "One Promo", 30% discounts, no privacy statement (region: Pacific Northwest (PN)) sent 30 Nov '11. An 'exceptional' power play, the same day as TTAB # 91202219 (filings #4-6) and contextually relevant id.4 "eventually, EATRIGHT branded products were distributed through WFMI’s own distribution centers and throughout WFMI’s network of stores in the Mid-Atlantic, SOUTHWEST, and Rocky Mountain regions". NB. leave 'No Stone Unturned', yet lack of signature by ...Martinez, StoneTurn Group...damages. And 'osten'do (Latin: exhibit, show) ' imperfect markets' (“Reinventing the Bazaar” by John McMillan (pub. 2002). With “Crisis Intervention: [for disorder] Disorder” as some chunks "(excluded or pending)" rather than swallowed Whole...

See also "Human sound systems are shaped by post-Neolithic changes in bite configuration" by DE Blasi, S. Moran, SR Moisik, P. Widmer, D. Dediu, B. Bickel (pub. Mar’19)

[********] An Apple a Day: Which Bacteria Do We Eat With Organic and Conventional Apples? by Birgit Wassermann, Henry Muller and Gabriele Berg (pub. Jul’19) Apple varieties, such as the “costard” (New Zealand Gardener. A.H. & A.W. Reed. 1958. p. 445-7), now “appear extinct”. Activities (Apple) - Antiinflammatory (1; JNU). Indications (Apple) - Diverticulosis (1; JNU). Joseph, Nadeau, and Underwood (2001). Divert-i-cular disease (-cule, -cle, suff. of diminutives (animalcule (microscopic n.), particle) Oxford Dictionary, rev. ’52)

[*********] Kiwifruit enzyme actinidain (EC enhances the hydrolysis of gluten proteins during simulated gastrointestinal digestion by Jayawardana Isuri A et al Green kiwifruit gastric digestion of gluten 18.3% (c/- 4.4% without) Rutherfurd et al 2011. Food Chem 129:1681. See also: plant sources: Kiwi, Cat Powder or Silver Vine, Yellow Elder, Valerian or Garden Heliotrope of phytochemID: actinidine with bioactivity: anticholinesterase (anti-ChEI). by Duke, James A. 1992. Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants.

[**********] Is Candida albicans a trigger in the onset of coeliac disease? By Dr WF Nieuwenhuizen, RHH Pieters, LMJ Knippers, MCJF Jansen, SJ Koppelman (pub. Jun’03) (Related: Index Medicus, p3231). "May provide important clues to the role of gastrointestinal antigens in rheumatic diseases" Arthritis and coeliac disease by Bourne JT, Kumar P, Huskisson EC, Mageed R, Unsworth DJ, Wojtulewski JA.. (pub. Sep. 1985)

To Be or Not to Be a Pathogen: Candida albicans and Celiac Disease by Giorgia Renga, Marina M. Bellet, Claudia Stincardini, Marilena Pariano, Vasilis Oikonomou, Valeria R. Villella, Stefano Brancorsini, Carlo Clerici, Luigina Romani, and Claudio Costantini (pub. Dec’19)

[1] “Increase dietary fibre intake could assist in more successful vaccine protection” Potential Association Between Dietary Fibre and Humoral Response to the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine by Cait Alissa et al (pub. Nov'21) NB. Eat Right Foods Ltd (ERF) first introduced “high in fibre” food products to the market in 2005...just one example of ‘early adopter, near-medical need’ R&D&I initiatives (New Nutrition Business; Vol. 16 No. 6. “News Analysis”, April 2011 p4 [USPTO 3718968 etc] “fell foul of a large company’s inability to slowly and patiently grow small brands and the false urgency to make everything a $100 million success overnight”; p5 “How Trends Evolve”). Although ERF “activities” have included “mass-market time”, the company is currently (contain)ed.

[2] Food for Special Medical Purposes proposal 242

[3] The EATRIGHT® Cookies and Crackers are a natural source of essential amino acid tryptophan (100 to 535mg/100g), methionine (87 to 535mg/100g). Tryptophan is a precursor for a number of metabolites and neurotransmitter, serotonin (see eg, with numerous cross references). L-methionine: "Improvement of protein quality. Modulation of lipids metabolism". European Food Safety Authority Unit on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies Consolidated list of Article 13 health claims (pub. Apr'11)

[^] Encouraging low-cost analytical testing for the full scope of menaquinone (ie vitamin K2, MK4-MK13) content in ‘MILK’ and ‘MILKFAT’ (rather than ‘NO TEST’) to assist ‘food as medicine’ progress from ‘folklore’ to medicinal food substantiation. Sadly, no New Zealand testing currently available. Hence, promixate only to be used for natural source of antihaemorrhagic. 

[†] chloros’is n., anaemic disease with greenish complexion in young women, green-sickness. Hyperbiliverdinaemia or green jaundice, with high level of bilirubin in the blood. Indications (Carrot) - Jaundice (f; CRC; JFM), (Chicory) - Jaundice (f; FAD; VVG; WO2), (Grape) - Jaundice (f; BIB), (Hops) - Jaundice (f; CRC; MAD), (Pineapple) - (f; IED), (Pumpkin Seed) - Jaundice (f; JFM), (Rice) - Jaundice (f; DAA), (Apple) - Gallstone (f; DEM) et al. Duke, J. A. et al. 2002. Handbook of medicinal herbs. (L. galbus yellow)

KEY to symbols used: [*] or asterisk, is used to reference cited material (eg scientific or erudite research); [#] or number, is used to reference on-label or in-shop nutrition information; [^] or caret, is used to insert additional meaning; [†] or obelisk, is used to reference material no longer easy to retrieve; colon, n. Punctuation-mark or stop (:). [Gk kolon limb]. colon, n (anat.). Greater part of of the large intestine. 

A small sliver of illumination where image size and certain indices appear to “matter” (v.) more than “matter” (n.)

This page dedicated, in loving memory, to R.A.S. (nick'name: "Chard") stomach removed Mar’09, displaced ( length of aftershock sequence including cadaver), lost his battle Oct’11.