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Gut, Gluten Sensitive

Digestive health and individual gut responses to foods is an area of significant ongoing science, evidence based research due to the link between a healthy microbiome to nearly every facet of health. “You are what you absorb … unlocking of key binders … bioactive nutrition” is an area that Eat Right continues to invest significant time and collaborative research.

The EATRIGHT (trademark) organic green and gold dried kiwifruit slices have "unique, wholefood prebiotic action that supports gut microbiome balance for optimal immune and digestive health" (New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited).

Green kiwifruit ... containing the cysteine protease actinidin, degraded gluten ... and could be a natural way to manage gluten-related health disorders; an example of positive food synergy”. (Possibility of minimizing gluten intolerance by co consumption of some fruits by Isuri A. Jayawardana, Carlos A Montoya, Warren C McNabb, Mike J. Boland (Dec ’19)). Or, in other words, EATRIGHT (trademark) organic green kiwifruit slices could be a natural source of active enzymes to reduce the stigma, health, medical costs associated with the accidental or intentional consumption of small amounts of gluten. Rigorous testing to be undertaken early next year. 

Although, the EATRIGHT (trademark) cracker, cookie, bar/ball and cake products (excluding some "custom" foods) are designed and made using certified organic gluten free flours (tested to <20ppm gluten) and "ingredients you can pronounce" … it is our commitment to use unrefined, less processed ingredients with vitamins and minerals (in amounts that exceed the claimable thresholds required for recommended daily intakes) that has given them “superfood” status. We use wholegrain, stoneground buckwheat flour (and/or brown rice flour if there are local supply issues). Chicory root fiber is used in the EATRIGHT (trademark) Choc-holics Cookies which is a soluble fiber, a prebiotic ... meaning it feeds the good gut bacteria which, in turn, improves mineral absorption, moderates the immune system and lowers blood glucose levels. Unhulled, whole, selectively sprouted seeds are used in the Superseeded Crackers to improve gut digestibility. 

To better reflect our “more benefits in every bite” EATRIGHT (trademark) ingredient-product-company-country attributes (rather than what they are ‘free from’) we endeavour to be in a constant state of label, packaging, product, technology, testing, distribution transformation. Although this can be challenging (due to numerous different and changing regulatory requirements, product types, testing complexities and resource constraints), please keep an eye out for label attributes such as “natural source of …”, “high in …”, “no added …”, “rich in …”, "65% less ...", "GE/GMO free”, “made with certified organic ingredients”, “includes wholegrains”, “minimally processed”, “vegetarian &/or vegan”  and other difficult to imitate developments.

"Research has proposed the possible role of the pathogenic yeast Candida albicans in the onset of Coeliacs disease". (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Nutrition and Food. Nieuwenhuizen WF, Pieters RM, Knipples LM, Jansen MC, Koppelman SJ; June 21,2003). "Arthritis may also be caused by bacterial, viral or fungal (candida albicans) infection of the joints". (Arthritis Association, Australia)

Hence, EATRIGHT (trademark) products have no added yeast and the EATRIGHT (trademark) crackers include native New Zealand medicinal bush pepper (horopito). Horopito is a unique New Zealand medicinal herb with high concentrations of polgodial - a powerful active component used to combat yeast infections; and powerful antioxidant flavonoids quercetin and taxifolin. 

  • Natural, safe, GE / GMO free and Certified Organic Ingredients used when possible
  • Healthy snack foods; dried fruit, dried vegetables, cookies, crackers and custom products
  • Not over processed or mass produced; no nasties; worry free
  • "Great tasting!", unique attributes ..."more benefits in every bite"
  • New season organic air-dried green kiwifruit for immunity and gut health
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  • Rethinking ways to preserve essential micro nutrients and minimize food waste

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I have just discovered your EATRIGHT (trademark) super-seeded crackers; they really are the best thing since sliced bread! Gisela, Nelson
Congratulations on the (Candid) Cookie. I have received my first order and you've done wonders - it's delicious. Thanks for thinking of people who want to keep candida in check, and for making such nice cookie! Alison Cumming, Dunedin