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EATRIGHT® believes in full food utilization as much as possible ... so our dried foods use fruit and vegetables which are not perfect in size, shape or can't quite get to the right brix.

We like to think of it as "re-loved" foods ... using a wide variety of preserving techniques to provide unique product offerings.   

We are also trialing "by-products" of food manufacturing such as grape skins (a waste product of the wine and seed extract business), fruit and vegetable pomace (waste products from juicing), fish offal and reworking cookie crumbs. If successful, we hope to share the end products with you soon. 

Eat Right has also been using recycled “shipper” boxes for online orders for nearly nineteen years and it’s been in our food safety certification since 2003 !!! Our product packaging ... which has included initiatives such as potato starch food trays, cellophane bags, vegetable oil inks, 100% recycled fiber boxes, paper bags made from 70% recycled paper … will move to fully compostable packaging very soon.

Of course we would always like to do more … so please let us know if you have any sustainable food production improvement ideas ie ways to reduce food loss, food waste or general waste reduction suggestions.


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Sending to my sister and niece in London … I have been sending them to her periodically since 2012 … It just shows how unique your products are”, Meredith, Christchurch

"Thank you for my order, it arrived in perfect condition ... I was going to share them, but not sure if I can". Jackie, Bay of Islands