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Bespoke Products

Over the years (as a 'Global South' food provider) we have designed, redesigned, made to measure, sourced, processed, packed and/or distributed a diverse range of bespoke, boutique products for numerous customers. The EATRIGHT® library of distinctive, inventive, custom (ingredients you can pronounce™) products includes

  • Chocolate with no added sugar, low glycaemic load (low-GL) (mainstream market..."virtually impossible") 
  • Vegetable products; pasta, hummus, meatless patties, kumera/potato roasties, pre-packed salads and other plant forward products
  • Cereal-granola product: "Natural Muesli" (hot or cold optionality)
  • Soup (broth or pottage); [label "proofs" of] brand concept “Chicken & Rice Soup”
  • Cookies; Stevia (Korday, Busy and Carob) [†], Rice & Spice [*], Freebee [††], low-GL (Candid [1], Flaxseed, Savoury), Colostrum (concept). Bespoke, localized, versions for Canada [^], America, France, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong (eg Wellcome Group, Health-Gate), Taiwan including fresh, frozen or chilled 'raw' (egg less) product options.
  • Crackers: Cracker Flats, Corn Thins, Chickpea Snackers
  • Bread: frozen and IQF “cookie dough [Dairy-Deli-Bakery] variants” [^^], fruit bread, stollen
  • Cakes; Sticky Date; Corners (Nut, Happy (seed-based [*]), Muesli, Prune); Pudding (Kings)
  • Fruit products, 'Pacific Rim' dried fruit snacks; mincemeat [^^^] (5 fruits, 4 “medicinal” spices); boysenberry soup (no longer available; NZ/Nelson concentrate facility closed)
  • Sweet Spreads; 100-percent-fruit and vegetable mashups [†††]; low glycaemic response with potential food use of (Cucurbitaceae family) siraitia grosvenorii; low-methoxyl pectin and other natural [low sugar] sweeteners [**]
  • Seasonal, occasion or theological products and services; gift packs, gift wrapping etc
  • Unfinished tales of the proprietary protected (incubated) EATRIGHT® bio available nutrient products

Other, catered to individual needs, products and project assistance include

  • Various non conventional (non CBOT) flours and seed products eg LSA mix, 'millet' [^^^^], product mixes; New Zealand bushbiotics; alternatives [to Kasni] inulin sources eg Arnica montana rhizome (mountain tobacco), Dandelion root (lion’s tooth); other lignan sources eg burdock root or gobo (lappaols A, and diarctigenin, neoarctin, and others) [3]. Cosmetic potential horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L) flour for ’clearing’ and redness reducing properties, and its effectiveness in preventing cellulitis (Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients by Khan and Abourashed pub. 2010)
  • Various other preserved fruits (eg Pinor Noir grapeskins [***]), (squashed) vegetables eg olive growers export cluster (very low free fatty acid and peroxide levels (evergreen trees, multiple Olea europaea varietals)), green, unroasted coffee beans (specific varietal), by-product/waste product (secondary market) offerings, young-green amaroid hop flowers [****], adventive-invasive-green seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) [*****], Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana P. Gaertn. et al.) “Not for children under 4 years old”; Wasabi, Japanese Horseradish (Wasabia japonica (Miq.) Matsum); (Indications: water retention), Horseradish Tree (Moringa oleifera Lam.) “Bark extract is fungicidal to Candida albicans” "immature seeds are eaten like peas", Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) “sporebearing cones on separate stalks” (petiole), Horsemint (Monarda punctata L.) 69,528ppm anticholinesterase and Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L) 30,000ppm aesculin, indications - phlebitis (inflammation of a vein) (f; APA; CAN; PHR). Dr. Duke Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (2nd ed. 2002), Handbook of Medicinal Spices (pub. 2003), Handbook of Medicinal Mints (pub. 2000)
  • Various non edible accessories such as household or "kitchen" equipment items eg towels (dish, tea), cups, candles, jars/buckets, baskets, books [††††], green bags etc. Special items (L temere at random) such as EATRIGHT® branded demo "tools" "kit" (including things like 'utensils', boards, roll up banners, flags, A6 flyers, table, tablecloths and other 'decorations'), EATRIGHT® printed on white t-shirts and EATRIGHT® embroidered on grey hoodies; magazines, and 'the CD' (Viva Chamber Orchestra Nelson). Specials (at regular times) such as occasion cards (e-cards, postcards), newsletters, website links etc.

If you would like to purchase one of these back catalogue EATRIGHT (trademark) "tailored" products, available in wholesale, bulk order quantities (all cost inclusive prices), please  email us for more detail. Or, if you have a difficult to find product, we use 'differentiated' knowledge to help curate it for you (product samples and small pilot plant production runs, by arrangement). The R&D&I follows standard (occurs in New Zealand, seeks to resolve scientific or technological uncertainty, follows a systematic approach, seeks to create new knowledge, or new or improved processes, services or goods) guidelines. See eg the Eat Right Foods Ltd unique, product identification (signet) coding system currently shelved

If you are looking for a great gift, but unsure what to buy, try our EATRIGHT® online shopping vouchers with multiple dollar bespeak variations. All you have to do is choose how much you would like to spend, select and then purchase the voucher. We will deliver it by email so the recipient can choose what they want and when they want it. And, just like a physical gift certificate, the receiver can spend it all at once or over several deliveries. The digi voucher can also be used to pre order and pre pay seasonal or sell out fast items, with no voucher expiry dates (ie no PNBL fees). Buy now

Although you have always been able to use our online shop to donate or gift products, the voucher system enables donations of EATRIGHT® products to charities [†††††], food banks or schools to be made with greater transparency, so no need for additional form filling “in kind” product donations to Conservation Societies, Not for Profits etc. And please get in touch for a list of fundraising product options an ambidextrous person from our ‘more benefits in every byte’ business is here to help.    

  • Scrumptious EATRIGHT® Super-Seed (Salutary Cereal): an incremental yet curative functional food with selectively sprouted seeds and bitter botanicals. Contributes to normal: connective tissue structure, neurological, nervous, psychological and cardiac functions, macronutrient metabolism, electrolyte balance, reduces fatigue [2] without supple'mental minerals or vitamins added
  • Foodarmacy™ gradus: 942100113.... ! No nasties ! Not mass produced ! Certified organics ! All non GMO ! NZStory#s ! GRIN Nomen ! RDIs ! PVRs ! DIAAS ! NZFSA SD9 ! EFSA IDs ! Bio-activities ! Polyphenol RFs ! Enzyme ECs ! Phytochem IDs !
  • Distinctive, pragmatic and syntactic, more benefits in every bite, sense filled, water-lessened, vegetarian foods and other products
  • Not over processed, extruded or mass produced; no nasties, water lessened, worry free
  • Re:discover the unique EATRIGHT (trademark) cracker and cookie benefit preferences, less flash more function
  • Rethinking ways to enhance and preserve natural essential micro nutrients and bioactives NOT removal then recapture fortifiers as well as minimizing food waste
  • FRET FREE fabulously flexible online shopping. No account needed, no fees added, an easy peasy ‘seamless transaction’ process. Ad-less in an over ad+ded world.
  • EATRIGHT® Better Shipper, Organic Dried Apple, Initiative: One Pack Only for One Kg “rather than a multi-waste box, bag”, container(s), caps/lids
  • A Kiwi currency ecommerce price hold. (Default is NZD (sales tax inclusive); worldwide currency options)

ONLINE SHOP   Secure payment, 1-2 day delivery (NZ), no minimums, FREE shipping on orders over $49, satisfaction guarantee

"I truly enjoyed your ginger biscuits. Thank you for making tasty, healthy and safe products! Warm wishes" Kim, Boston, USA

 “Sending to my sister and niece in London (UK). I have been sending them to her periodically since 2012. It just shows how unique your products are” Meredith, Christchurch, NZ

 “the new packaging is great and takes up less space” Jennifer, Auckland, NZ

 “happy to be carrying a less processed fruit in our rations room. We have a sign in our room that talks about you all as well, hoping to spread the word about your awesome products. I shared them with staff and everyone super fell in love with the kiwis”. Katie, Arizona, USA

 “she loves the chocoholic ones for afternoon tea, & they're a much better choice than supermarket brands. Tastier too” Samila, Nelson NZ

[†] Tropical Plants Yielding Clinically Useful Drugs. Species: Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (Compositae: Asteraceae). Drug: Stevioside, Rebaudioside A. Action/Clinical Use: Sweetner. Species: Theobroma cacao L. (Sterculiaceae [Malvaceae (another well-known member is cotton with fiber, seed and oil uses)]). Drug: Theobromine. Action/Clinical Use: Diuretic. Farnsworth, N. R. & D. D. Soejarto. 1988. Global importance of medicinal plants (unpublished draft manuscript rev. 23). Activities (Stevia) - Diuretic (1; AMA); Vasodilator (1; AMA) et al. Alternative Medicine Alert (AMA) (vol. 2(3), March 1999). 'Weak antimicrobial activity of unidentified fractions has been reported against…Proteus vulgaris' (Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients by Khan and Abourashed (3rd ed, 2010)

[††] I purchased Freebee (Phoenix dactylifera and Malus domestica) cookies in the past at Los Gatos … How much is shipping to Campbell” (Dec’11). Related to Mineral (Nut & Seed) Rich Cookie “Major Mineral Claims of: Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus and Trace Minerals Claims of: Copper, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Molybdenum and Zinc … an alternative to supplementation for vegans-vegetarians” (Jan’12)

[†††] Considered for “global” distribution (“jam", "adjacent" product to crackers). Varieties such as plum (greengage 9421001 13113), green kiwifruit and ginger, carrot; 'traffic' jam packed. Activities (Carrot) — "Anthelminthic (1; PH2; WBB) expels intestinal parasitic worms; Indications (Carrot) — Pinworm (threadworm,Enterobius vermicularis only infect humans) (1; APA; WBB)Worm (1; APA; CRC; PHR; PH2)" etc. Lycopene source: carrot 80-140ppm and others: Anticancer, Antitumor (Bladder, Breast, Cervix, Prostate), Antioxidant, Antiprostatitic, Antiradicular, Amphetaminagenic: (psychoactive) myristicin 68ppm, Hypocholesterolemic 60 mg/man/day/3 mos, Prooxidant 20 ug/g. Dr Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases. 

See also "Queen Anne’s Lace; Daucus carota L. subsp. carota [wild carrot, ancestor of garden carrot] Indications (Queen Anne's Lace) — Worm (1; APA)" et al. Handbook of Medicinal Herbs by Duke, J. A [Ph.D Botany, Uni NC]. et al. (pub. 2002). “Although carrots contain more sugar than any vegetable except beets, the fiber ['carrot dextrins'] prevents this sugar from surging into the bloodstream and causing insulin spikes"(JNU). Joseph, Nadeau, and Underwood (2001). A 1995 study of carrot extracts showed that it protected the liver from carbon-tetrachloride damage (APA). Peirce (1999). “Polyacetylene concentrations...highest in wild carrots”. Quantitative Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of carrot bioactives. Contributors: Killeen, D. P.; Sansom, C. E.; Lill, R. E.; Eason, J. R.; Gordon, K. C.; Perry, N. B. (pub. Feb’13)

[††††] eg Real Fresh Food, Healthy Meals for Busy People" by Anna & Roger Wilde (nee Wild) (pub. 2009) and others

[†††††] eg “Hope School Country Bazaar” EATRIGHT® product donations (Sep’09). "bazaar’ (-zar), n.; fancy fair to raise funds for charities &c. Pers.". Pocket Oxford Dictionary, ed. 4, 1952.

[^] NZTE Product Review Committee (PRC), Toronto, Canada (pub. May’07) “Huge market for these – tastes great considering what they are…considering all [EATRIGHT™] health benefits”.

[^^] “The Yale Non-toxic (commercial food storage) Method of Eradicating Book-eating (bookworm) Insects by Deep-freezing” by Kenneth Nesheim (book pub. 1984, online authority reqd. pub. Oct’09)

[^^^] "Mincemeat" is a traditional or common name, in certain countries, for the ‘filling’ used in Christmas Mince Pies. However, for the EATRIGHT® Fruit Mince, the dried grapes (red, green, large or small) are not chopped or “minced” and the skin-on apples are grated. We also make our own mixed citrus peel. And our mixed spice is a combination of fresh or dried, ground or chopped, roots, bark, skin or leaves. 

[^^^^] For human consumption common 'millet’ (Panicum miliaceum) (NPD RFI Apr’13; RFP No. 45 Feb’15) rather than monoculture ‘pearl millet’, in what the cow eats matters, ‘experimental’ ID 1750333 (pub. Sep’21)

[1] Rutin has therapeutic effect on septic arthritis caused by Candida albicans by YongmoonHan (pub. Feb’09) "Candid Cookie" product developed May'03, EAN verification Jul'03, online shop loaded Jul'03, exports to Australia (in particular), priority of use pre-dates USPTO nos. 78524766, 78542646.

[2] Selected FSANZ general level health claims (schedule 4)

[3] Adding Lignan Values to a Food Composition Database Journal of food composition and analysis Vol. 20, Issue 2,Pages 99-105 by Blitz, C.L, S.P Murphy, and D.L.M Au (pub. Aug’06) with more than "Lariciresinol, Matairesinol, Pinoresinol and Secoisolariciresinol"  

[*] "Reductionist Rant: Principals of Spice Therapy" by James Duke PhD (pub. Dec'11) Evergreen trees producing eg carob, anise, cinnamon, cloves, kawakaka and numerous others. "Hypotriglyceridemics: Herbs and Foods versus the Synthetic Silver Bullet" by James Duke, PhD. Widespread in seeds; PhytochemID: Niacin (vitamin B3). PubMedID: 19915217, 22085343

[**] Pectin (dried apple pomace, 10-20%) has been "reported to exhibit bactericidal effects on Gram-negative and nonspore-forming Gram-positive bacteria, including Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli from the former group and Staphylococcus aureus from the latter". Other pectin-rich plants: carrot, et al. Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients by Khan and Abourashed (3rd ed, 2010). And pectin "reduces blood glucose rise after a meal" EU approved health claim, FSANZ deferred. Apple pomace from juicing with low, if any, levels of patulin (PAT) reduce capillary permeability; is antispasmodic and hypertensive (R. A. ByeJr., Econ. Bot., 40, 103 (1986) PubChem Compound Summary for CID 4696.

Hydrangeic acid from the processed leaves of Hydrangea macrophylla var. thunbergii as a new type of anti-diabetic compound by Hailong Zhang, Hisashi Matsuda, Chihiro Yamashita,  Seikou Nakamura and Masayuki Yoshikawa (pub. Mar’09)

[***] Geographical Indicators Register "Marlborough, New Zealand" Pinot Noir grape skins. ‘Grape skin color (betanin)’ glucoside of betanidin, grape skin extract or enocianina "reported to have antifungal activities (e.g., against Penicillium notatum and Aspergillus species) and strong vitamin P (bioflavonoids) activity. A grape anthocyanin (delphinidin-3-monoglucoside) has also been reported to inhibit the growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus". Leung’s encyclopedia of common natural ingredients used in food, drugs, and cosmetics by Ikhlas A. Khan and Ehab A. Abourashed (3rd ed. Pub. 2010).

[****] Humulus lupulus Linnaeus or Hops (Family Moraceae “fig”, mulberry family or Cannabaceae) “Human Food, Vegetable, Potential”. Female or strobuli are the medicinal (active xanthohumol) sources from the flowers or cones. See “Natural production and cultivation of Mediterranean wild edibles. Ethnobotany and food composition tables by Molina, M. et al. (pub. 2016) note. young sprouts” and others. Natural source of many compounds eg rutin (2000ppm, activity count 87) and vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6 or folate. Alpha 11%, PVR Hort4337, USPP31853P3, a 'superplant' varietal, a carminative herb. “The bitter acids exhibit antifungal activity against Candida...The flavanones are antistaphylococcic, antifungal". Indications (Hops) - Menopause (f. HHB) and others. Duke, J. A. et al. 2002. CRC Handbook of medicinal herbs.

[*****] “Metals in New Zealand Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)” Open Journal of Marine Science by Leo Hau, John Robertson, Lindsey W. White (pub. May’14)

Etymology: ["] or quotation mark, is used to reference customer feedback, [†] or obelisk, is used to reference material no longer easy to retrieve, [^] or caret, is used to insert additional meaning, [#] or number, is used to reference the source of nutrition on-label or in-shop information