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  • Scrumptious EATRIGHT® Super-Seed (Salutary [*] Seven Seed Snack); contributes to normal: psychological, neurological, nervous, cognitive, cardiac and immune system functions; fatty acid and macronutrient metabolism; fertility, testosterone levels in the blood and reproduction; electrolyte balance and the reduction of fatigue [1]. An incremental byproduct with partially sprouted seeds and active botanicals
  • ‘Better choice’ EATRIGHT® cookies and crackers. Food, not synthetic, sources of essential vitamins (A, B1 & B3), essential minerals (Fe, Mg, Zn & K) [2], essential amino acids, with prebiotics and even parabiotic-paraprobiotic potential [**]. Synthesis in the gut not the lab. Low or no lactose, no sugar alcohols, 65% less total sugars, no raising agents
  • Shelf life extended: new season wild harvested mushroom mix, organic kiwi fruit (gold or green) and multi varietal organic apple slices with botanical and habitat efficacies. Always grown outdoors, with ‘more sun [actinism], less pollution, less pests and diseases’. Contribute to increased daily intake of fruit, vegetables (and fibre). Always robust, never bruise, ready-to-eat
  • No GMO's, not bioengineered (always), Certified Organic Ingredients (whenever possible). Germplasm linkages to highlight biological diversity and food security efforts [3]. Not over processed or mass produced; no nasties, water lessened, pragmatic products
  • FRET FREE flexible online shopping (or email ordering). No account needed (no lock in, no password), no fees added, an easy peasy 'seamless transaction' process
  • EATRIGHT® food products have label requirements in one easy-to-find, front-of-pack space. Likewise, each EATRIGHT® product shop page, has the scope of its "Details" in one place so NO separate [ingredient, nutrition, attribute, shelf life, pack types, sizes, product prices, photo] pages or steps 
  • Online vouchers available, a great gift or use to pre order the EATRIGHT® (new season) Surprise Packs and Bespoke Products
  • NO online price increases, NO package downsizing. (Default currency is $NZ (sales tax inclusive); world currencies available)

We carefully select, craft and/or produce, less processed and iconic, non GMO plantful products from New Zealand; saving you time, reducing choice overload with no expired waste. And we remain committed to organic, mainly organic products and processes since “organic reflects an intent to protect human health; and organic is the easiest way to improve your health” (OANZ reports) [***]. Our endearing spirit of redefining renascence food lives on. First the Nut Corner reclassification, the ‘health halo’ EATRIGHT® cookies (less total sugars, high in beneficial prebiotic fibre), the scope of wholesome (portioned) snacks, the EATRIGHT® Superseeded (version 3.0) Cracker benefits (natural source of niacin, thiamin, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese), the organic vitamin boosting soft dried fruit, most are only available here (including by ‘written request’ from a medical practitioner, dietitian or responsible institution). As you will find, the EATRIGHT (trademark) products are kindly to you (your health and your wallet), kindly to the environment with pleasure by-products and significant traces of yumminess.

The EATRIGHT® nutritious, water lessened, off season enabled products have “within food” multi functional and bioactive ingredients (without minerals or vitamins added to the ingredient list). The nature motivated, full sensory, integrated food functionalities and matrices work with your digestive processes (plantful not plant exclusive) for overall metabolic improvement (regulation of energy, controlled absorption of nutrients, bioactives etc). Even your digestive bio-waste is thought to improve; a better in for a less wasteful out (see eg DIAAS considerations) [****] and other kinetic data.

The transition to eco-sensitive, compostable (home, facility-able) PFAS free, zipper-seal packaging is now complete. As you will find, the deconstructed-reconstructed 'more attuned' label tabulations include updated ingredient information, elevated product virtues, extra nutrition 'component(s)' and the packaging material (made from plants, not plastics) is, in most cases, transparent. This allows you to see the differing shapes (geometric and miscellaneous designs) and colours of the scratch made products (rather than typical packaging, often referred to as ‘real estate’ ad space).

Depending on the product, the best quality (70% or more certified organic) ingredients include unhulled selectively sprouted (activated) seed blends; slower to digest carbohydrate source (refined sugar replacement) to assist in the stabilization of blood sugar 'swings'; stoneground (recently harvested) freshly milled naturally non gluten flour(s); shredded raw carrot; raw grated ginger; vitamin rich (growth hormone rBST, rBHT free) butter from year round, grass fed, mixed herd cows [*****]; diverse prebiotic types (eg chicory root, unfiltered multiflora native bush honey (including Kānuka and honeydew [******]) and others [4]); sun dried spices; FAIRtrade sourced 70% dark chocolate, (alkalized) cocoa powder and raw sugar; wild harvested bitter botanicals; unfiltered, unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar (ACV); natural vanilla extract etc to produce premium quality, 'exceptional flavor' EATRIGHT (trademark) products. Please refer to individual product labels (online shop pages) for specific details.

Although “many assume that eating local is key to a low carbon diet, transport emissions [by sea] are often a very small percentage of food’s total emissions – only 6% globally" [*******] with international food trade providing important nutrient deficiencies and New Zealand made 'the next best thing to local'. In addition, food is much more than the sum of its (nutrient) parts [********] (see also ‘alternative paradigm’ CIM (carbohydrate insulin model) [*********] and "experimental food" research). So thank you for taking the time to rediscover EATRIGHT® more benefits in every bite products (including our bespoke options (with co-shipping sea-ability)).

EATRIGHT (trademark registered) food products are, most often, New Zealand grown, packed or made to strict quality standards. The evolving range (although always non GMO) have been supplied to many different countries and a wide range of traditional (fragmented) and non traditional (integrated, disintermediation) distribution systems and channels since 2001. As we continue to transform (through the use of nimble, frugal, business re:orientations), we are always rethinking pragmatic ways to supply and repair global food chain bottleneck ('hourglass') constrictions in a holistic and mindful way.

Mindful shopping encouraged. 'Designed (most often) in NZ', great service, realistic prices and disruptive, enigmatic thinking, available through our secure, less flash more function, e-organic, responsive (RWD) website. And thank you for your feedback, it is sooooo important in the process of being able to improve what we do for you. 

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[1] EU approved health claims FSANZ included in Standard 1.2.7 Many, but not all, available virtues are highlighted for this product.  

[2] FSANZ Nutrition Panel Calculations We careful select differentiated ingredients, and use a combination of proprietary processes, to enable nutrition claims of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are within the products [ie vitamins, minerals and enzymes are NOT additives-fortifiers-isolates in the ingredient listings]

[3] Germplasm research courtesy of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, NZ Plant & Food Research, IPONZ, root stock nurseries and growers. “Common” is used, in some instances, when New Zealand specifics are not available (eg NZ grown seeds are 'non GM' with evolutionary speeds considered to be faster for cultivated subspecies).

[4] “At present, there are no official dietary recommendations for ‘adequate intake’ or ‘recommended daily allowance’ for prebiotics in healthy individuals. Most prebiotics for the gut require an oral dose of at least 3 grams per day or more to confer a benefit.” See also "Vitamin K2 Needs an RDI Separate from K1" eg Accumulation of soluble menaquinones MK-7 in honey by KatrinaBrudzynski and RobertFlick (pub. Mar’19)

[*] "sal'utary a. (-ily, iness) wholesome in operation, resulting in good, (of discipline &c)". "effica'cious (-shus), a. Producing, sure to produce, desired effect (e. remedy), effi'cacy n. [EFFECT]". "mind’ful a. (-lly), not forgetful (of, to do). [E]". Pocket Oxford Dictionary definitions (1st ed. 1924, 4th ed. revised, reprinted with corrections 1952). Width 90mm x 170mm. 

[**] Paraprobiotics (also called "inactivated, ghost, tyndallized probiotics or postbiotics") are “generated during the processing of dairy products”, dried fruit, vegetables etc. Paraprobiotics: A New Perspective for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals by Rosa Anna Siciliano, Anna Reale, Maria Fiorella Mazzeo, Stefano Morandi, Tiziana Silvetti and Milena Brasca (pub. Apr’21) See also Postbiotics-parabiotics: the new horizons in microbial biotherapy and functional foods by Nataraj, B.H., Ali, S.A., Behare, P.V. et al. (pub. Aug’20 Microb Cell Fact 19, 168)

[***] New Zealand Organic Market Reports (pub. 2020/21and 2018)

[****] Dietary protein quality evaluation in human nutrition, FAO Food and Nutrition Paper 92

[*****] “49.6% of cows are Holstein-Friesian/Jersey crossbreed. 32.5% of cows are Holstein-Friesian, 8.2% are Jersey cows, 0.4% are Ayrshire cow and 9.3% of cows are other breeds. Milkfat at its highest level (production per cow was 222 kg milkfat)” from New Zealand Dairy Statistics 2020-21 (organic and non-organic inclusive figures). See also “research shows that herds with higher selenium status actually produce more milk” New Zealand Dairy Exporter (pub. Jul’20) with "ERF" support for…"Soil and Health Association” over many years.

[******] Effect of honey in improving the gut microbial balance by Anand Mohan, Siew-Young Quek, Noemi Gutierrez-Maddox, Yihuai Gao, Quan Shu (pub. May’17) and New Investigation into Native Honey by Plant and Food Research (Mar’22) See also Prebiotic Potential and Chemical Composition of Seven Culinary Spice Extracts by Lu, Q. Y., Summanen, P. H., Lee, R. P., Huang, J., Henning, S. M., Heber, D., Finegold, S. M., & Li, Z. (pub. Jul’17)

[*******] Environmental Impact of Food Production by Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (1st pub. Jan’20, rev. Jun’21) See also "New Zealand farmers are some of the most efficient in the world and can usually export high-quality food with a lower carbon footprint than that destination country's domestic product"  by Yule Alexander Ltd (pub Feb'22)

[********] Dairy Foods, Obesity, and Metabolic Health: The Role of the Food Matrix Compared with Single Nutrients by Dariush Mozaffarian (pub. Sep’19)

[*********] The carbohydrate-insulin model: a physiological perspective on the obesity pandemic by David S Ludwig, Louis J Aronne, Arne Astrup, Rafael de Cabo, Lewis C Cantley, Mark I Friedman, Steven B Heymsfield, James D Johnson, Janet C King, Ronald M Krauss (pub. Sep’21)

Footnote: [#] or number, is used to reference nutrition on-label or in-shop information; [*] or asterisk, is used to reference additional material (eg scientific or erudite research, peer-reviewed and published)