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More Benefits In Every Bite
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  • Natural, safe, GE / GMO free and Certified Organic Ingredients used when possible
  • Healthy snack foods - dried fruit-vegetables, cookies, crackers and custom products
  • Not over-processed or mass produced; no nasties; worry free
  • "Great tasting!", unique attributes ..."more benefits in every bite"
  • New season organic air-dried green kiwifruit for immunity and gut health
  • Best sellers = EATRIGHT® Organic Kiwifruit & Apple Packs, Choc-holics Cookies
  • Food parcels for family or friends around the world - FREE shipping on orders >$49
  • Unique barcode prefix (9421001) for traceability and improved shopping “search results”

We carefully produce a few unique functional foods saving you time, reducing choice over-load with no expired product waste - "whole-of-food-chain" stewardship. Eat Right Foods Ltd is also an avid supporter-participant in the New Zealand “Made-with-Care”  collaborative effort – helping exporters share stories around the world about our unique, safe, nutritious, premium quality, tasty and ethical food products … Kiwi ingenuity.

If you have a difficult to source product, excited to rediscover old favourites, enjoy food renovation and frugal innovation ... we will help find or develop it for you … see our custom products page for more information.

ONLINE SHOP   Secure payment, 1-2 day delivery (in NZ), no minimums, FREE shipping on orders >$49, satisfaction guarantee

EATRIGHT® food products are, most often, New Zealand grown or made to extraordinarily strict high quality standards. The ever-evolving range (although always GE free) have been supplied to many different countries and a wide range of traditional and non-traditional distribution channels since 2001. As we transform, we are always rethinking ways to supply, repair and value the global food chain system in a thoughtful way ... business-food longevity.

In our “daring to be differentholistic business philosophy, we aim to do a thousand little things in innovative ways, adapting to change at dynamic speed and celebrate ...

  • no complicated product-service auctions
  • no multi-level or commission marketing
  • no subscription or membership fees
  • no (often outsourced) so called "loyalty programs"
  • no reliance on data science or design over-reach

… instead purposeful products, great service, realistic prices and disruptive thinking … available through our secure, responsive website (with more software upgrades coming soon). And, as we REALLY value your direct feedback, please email us so we can improve what we do for you ... a real person from our "more benefits in every byte" business will be listening. 

As you might have guessed our operations are at a standstill so we might not be ordering from you for awhile, but I will get back in touch in the fall. Wishing you all the best! Thanks for the delicious snacks!”  Rations Manager, USA

getting nostalgic for your delicious cookies” Diane, San Diego

"Googled for dried Apple" found Organic Dried Apples *NEW SEASON STOCK* Sho, Auckland