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EATRIGHT ™ Food Products

  • Non GMO (always), Certified Organic Ingredients (where possible) food products
  • Not over processed, extruded or mass produced; no nasties; worry free
  • Distinctive, ‘more benefits in every bite’, vegetarian friendly foods
  • NEW season; organic, immune health gold and green kiwi fruit; wild harvested mushroom mix
  • Favorites include EATRIGHT (trademark) Chocholics Cookies (65% less sugar, high in fibre)
  • Online e-vouchers now available … a great gift or use to pre-order seasonal, bespoke products
  • And no online price increases for over a decade (default currency is $NZ (sales tax inclusive); multiple other currencies available)

We carefully select, craft and/or produce less processed and distinctive food products ... saving you time, reducing choice overload with no expired waste. And we remain committed to organic, mainly organic products and ingredients since “organic reflects an intent to protect human health … and organic is the *easiest* way to improve your health” (OANZ reports). Our endearing spirit of re-inventing “traditional, nostalgic” food also lives on. First it was the ‘health halo’ of the EATRIGHT® cookies, the Super-seeded and Bach Bread Crackers, the organic immunity boosting soft dried fruit etc ... most only available here … buy now.

Our old on product labels show part of our food adventure. Depending on the product, additional attributes include unhulled, whole, selectively sprouted-activated seed blends, fermentable dietary fibre, native unfiltered bush honey (including Kānuka and honeydew), stoneground naturally non-gluten flours, raw carrots, fresh ginger, "fair trade & organic" dark chocolate, 70% or more certified organic, non-GMO, vitamin rich butter from year-round grass fed cows, sun dried spices, wild harvested bitter botanicals, cold pressed oils etc … to produce premium quality EATRIGHT (trademark) products. So thank you, in anticipation, for your patience whilst we undertake considerable nutrition research, rigorous testing, embrace constraints before sharing nutrient quality initiatives.

Although our packaging has seen many reiterations, we minimise "space waste" (packs filled with products not air) and the ability to see the EATRIGHT (trademark) contents is a priority … transparency in very real terms. We have also reintroduced a “set GST (sales tax) inclusive price” for our cookies, crackers and cake categories ie NZ$6.57 (large packs) and NZ$1.69 (small packs) ... another simple, non-scary, look-through initiative.

For our range of bespoke products, food renovation and frugal innovations ... please visit our bespoke products page for more information. And, as we continue to try to do what we can, we will launch one buried treasure product, each month, from 1st August on wards ... to mark twenty years in business. The first is a "product within a product" that assisted with the following accolade “Dear Manufacturer of the best gluten free cookie on the planet. Bravo – Bravo !!!” and the secret ingredients to "sold more Christmas Cakes than ...". A prize pack, and survey, will be sent to the first person to identify a back catalogue EATRIGHT® "retro" product that the, soon to be launched "product within a product" was included in.

ONLINE SHOP   Secure payment, 1-2 day delivery (NZ), no minimums, FREE shipping on orders over $49, satisfaction guarantee

EATRIGHT (trademark registered) food products are, most often, New Zealand grown, packed or made to strict quality standards. The evolving range (although always non GMO) have been supplied to many different countries and a wide range of traditional (fragmented) and non traditional (integrated) distribution systems and channels since 2001. As we continue to transform, through the use of disciplined, agile, business model re-orientations, we are always rethinking ways to supply, repair and value the complex global food chain system in a holistic and mindful way. 

Eat Right Foods Ltd is also a participant in the New Zealand Story “Made With Care” and "Where to Find Ingenuity" ... helping exporters share the untold stories about our unique, safe, high nutrient (high sun, low air pollution, few pests and diseases), premium quality, tasty, healthy, ethical, providence products ... in the journey as "health and nutrition solution providers".

Purposeful products, 'designed (most often) in NZ', great service, realistic prices and disruptive thinking … available through our secure, responsive (RWD) website… buy now. And, as we REALLY value your direct feedback, please email us so we can improve what we do for you ... an ambidextrous person from our "more benefits in every byte" business will be listening. 

"I truly enjoyed your ginger biscuits. Thank you for making tasty, healthy and safe products! Warm wishes" Kim, Boston, USA

"Site very easy to use. This order is for an Australian friend coming over shortly so hopefully she will be encouraged to use this site when she goes". Sheryl, Kaitaia

“We received rave reviews … with some people naming it the best product at the Food Show” BioGro New Zealand