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Custom Products

If you have a difficult to source product, perhaps because it doesn't exist yet or doesn't include organic and GE Free ingredients, we will endeavour to find it for you, use our product development skills to make it and/or collaborate. To give you some idea of what we can do, EATRIGHT® has produced ...

  • Fruit products - low glycaemic response, no added sugar, high in fiber, 100% fruit and vegetable jams; slowdried, freeze dried and air-dried fruits
  • Vegetable products - hummus, patties and other plant based vegan-vegetarian products
  • Cereal and granola products 
  • Various flour and seed products 
  • Natural sweeteners - dried fruit only products, stevia, native New Zealand bush honey, liquid carbohydrate (collaborative) based products
  • Chocolate - no added sugar
  • Herbs and adaptogens - Horoptio, Kawawa, Harakeke and chicory root 
  • Frozen bread, biscuit dough and cookie products
  • Seasonal products - gift packs, Christmas mince etc
  • Mineral rich nut & seed bar
  • and other, in-process, medicinal nutrition products with trade secret protection.

Although food innovation can include new products, it can also mean food renovation, "newly rediscovered super foods", and/or food synergies to rebuild those that were near extinction. Or, in other words, we have put the effort into the perspiration part of the innovative process, reducing barriers for the next step.

More than ever, at a time of endless food fashion and design only thinking, we offer thoughtful food re-purpose, longevity and regeneration ... and mentor-consult-contract to others on an entrepreneurial journey, as numerous others have done for us over the years!

So please contact us email us to find-develop that hard to find product or maybe re-purpose what already exists.

  • Natural, safe, GE / GMO free and Certified Organic Ingredients used when possible
  • Healthy Snacks - dried fruit-vegetables, cookies, crackers and custom products
  • Not over-processed or mass produced; no nasties; worry free
  • "Great tasting!", unique attributes ..."more benefits in every bite"
  • New season organic air-dried green kiwifruit for immunity and gut health
  • Food parcels for family or friends around the world - FREE shipping on orders >$49
  • Unique barcode prefix (9421001) for traceability and improved shopping “search results”
  • Rethinking ways to preserve essential micro-nutrients and minimize food waste

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"I love the fact you are always trying something new"  Supply Chain Manager, Fremont

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