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Custom Products

EATRIGHT® has developed numerous unique attribute products over the years ...

  • Fruit products - low glycaemic response, no added sugar, high in fiber, 100% fruit and vegetable jams/jelly; slowdried and air dried fruits
  • Vegetable products - hummus, patties and other plant based diet products
  • Cereal and granola products 
  • Various flour and seed products 
  • Natural sweeteners - dried fruit only products, stevia, native New Zealand bush honey, liquid carbohydrate based products
  • Chocolate - no added sugar
  • Herb and spices - Horoptio, Kawawa, Harakeke, chicory, spices and mixed spice 
  • Frozen bread and biscuit dough products
  • Seasonal products - gift packs, Christmas mince etc

... innovative and custom packaging solutions have also been developed ... so please contact us to purchase and/or re-purpose what already exists.

For more information or product samples, please contact us at

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happy to be carrying a less processed fruit in our rations room. We have a sign in our room that talks about you all as well, hoping to spread the word about your awesome products”. Katie, Arizona, USA

"I love the fact you are always trying something new" Supply Chain Manager, Fremont, USA